Case Studies

Building and Scaling a Y-Combinator & Google Ventures Education Platform

Bryon Harris


Safer Management helps public schools track attendance, an important metric for funding — and, of course, education. It’s a modern system of QR codes and facial recognition that reliably tracks who’s in class. They’re already in 75 schools and two colleges.

Safer Management hired Arcanium to help build their attendance automation platform complete with facial recognition and distributed IoT applications in a hybrid cloud deployment. Safer Management was able to take advantage of elastic team extension with Arcanium, working with skilled developers to bring their Serverless React and GraphQL application to a vast number of students, teachers, and administrators at schools and universities across the US.

The Challenge

After Safer Management’s initial launch, business requirements expanded as their users became more involved. Yet, their system and services were constraining their scale. Introducing features required workarounds, which affected the efficiency of the team and product.

Instead of working within the confines of another system, the team at Safer Management knew that having flexibility would be key to getting from MVP to full-scale product.

With Arcanium having a team experienced in project management, full-stack development, and quality assurance, Safer Management knew they could trust us to lead their technical efforts.

How Arcanium Responded

Safer Management wanted a team that could handle tasks from start to finish. With the help of a project manager provided by Arcanium, we took software requirements and broke them down into manageable tasks.

Flexibility was important when building their new system. Using modern technology, such as GraphQL and Serverless deployment, we were able to build an infrastructure that could support the speed and extensibility of their data.

Along with the changes to their backend, they requested a redesign of their site. This site needed to work with their existing system and the new system that was still in development. To support both systems, we managed to create a single site that could adapt to different data sources. This gave their site flexibility for dynamic change.

Throughout this entire process, we provided frequent communication to the founding team, which included written reports and visual demos.

The Results

Fred Burns, CEO and Founder of Safer Management, had this to say about Arcanium:

We hired 2 rockstar developers and I already feel my hair growing back!

With the help of Arcanium, Safer Management could devote their time to the business side of the product. They could focus on what to do, rather than how to do it.

In less than a year of working with Arcanium, Safer Management achieved many milestones:

  1. Accepted into startup accelerator, Y Combinator
  2. Backed by Google Ventures
  3. Given a design award for their home page

The system built for Safer Management received positive feedback from both new and existing customers. New customers were able to onboard entire school districts to start utilizing features, such as attendance tracking and unifying medical records using vaccination passports. Existing customers were able to seamlessly transition to the new platform, while seeing improvements in user experience and development speed.

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