Case Studies

Finding Just the Right Full Stack Developer for a Local, In-Person Position

Bryon Harris


Our client is a Houston, Texas-based software development company. Described as “Software Development as a Service” (SDaaS), their primary offerings are Software Engineering, Fractional CTO Services, Fractional Product Managers, and Web & Mobile Development.

The Problem

Having a primarily onsite team, our client was looking to add a local, Houston-based Senior Full Stack Engineer who could become a manager down the road.

Their ideal candidate would have 3–5 years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Comp Sci or a related field. Technically, this candidate would be very comfortable with Typescript and ReactJs (or Angular / Vue).

Experience in any of the following areas would be a significant plus: C#, .NET, AWS Amplify, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Serverless.com, NestJS or Next Js, Figma, Test-Driven Development (TDD), and QA Automation.

Through our intake process, we learned that our client wanted a candidate who had experience working for a startup and loved startup culture. They wanted an individual who had an entrepreneurial spirit, humility, and strong customer-facing experience.

Due to the Pandemic, remote work is more popular than ever, and findings show that 86% of engineers work entirely in remote software engineering jobs. Companies face challenges recruiting within this new paradigm. Due to our client’s desire for an on-site software developer, the candidate had to be within traveling distance of their office and will to go into the office about 4 days a week.

The Solution

The solution for recruiting a highly qualified Full Stack engineer (for an in-person position) was local, passive sourcing with an emphasis on our Client’s employee development opportunities to attract candidates who might leave their current position for a career that would lead to management.

Passive candidates (70% of the workforce) are people who are employed and not actively looking for a new job. However, with the right messaging and approach, passive candidates will leave their current role for a promising opportunity.

Arcanium utilized a meaningful, customized, and personal approach to attract, engage, and hire for this position. Our sourcing strategy always involves nurturing candidates at every step of the hiring journey to ensure a positive candidate experience.

Outcome Summary

Arcanium was able to find our client their ideal candidate. Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from a great University, their new Senior Full Stack Developer had over 4 years of experience and all of the cultural and interpersonal traits they desired. Exceptionally suited in terms of skillset, our candidate is an expert at Typescript, React, and NextJS, and also had experience in C#, .Net, AWS Amplify, Figma, and TDD. Eager for development in a startup environment, we found a candidate who wanted to become a Manger. And best of all, he lives close to the office and enjoys working in person!