Case Studies

How a SaaS Startup Found a Rockstar Data Analyst

Sylvie Harris

About Our Client

Using ground-breaking AI technology, our client is a data-driven SaaS startup that helps online retailers reduce returns.


With an acute awareness of low retention rates at tech companies in silicon valley, our client takes a Netflix-like approach to hiring and culture. They are selective and deliberate when it comes to hiring the right people.

For the data analyst role, they wanted a highly skilled, multifaceted team player who could drive both internal and client-facing analytics. The tech stack experience had to include SQL and Python. For soft skills, the ideal candidate had to be a great communicator who could interface with their customer success team, engineers, and data team.

After posting the job opportunity on multiple boards and trying several recruiting agencies, they contacted Arcanium. Previous agencies provided low-quality candidates. This led to screening and interviewing unqualified people, wasting company time and resources.


Arcanium conducted an intake process to gain a deep understanding of their needs from a technical and cultural perspective. With the information gathered, we created a custom sourcing pipeline for the position. After every interview, we reviewed feedback and incorporated it back into our sourcing strategy. This process resulted in presenting qualified candidates at a rapid pace.

“If we don’t like a candidate, we tell Arcanium exactly why, and they work that information into their continued search. They definitely learn from everything we feed them. They’ve also been great at working within our time constraints and listening to what we need.”

Outcome Summary

Arcanium went through an extremely thorough alignment process to deeply understand the totality of our client’s needs. A custom screening interview was generated to ensure that only the most qualified candidates were interviewed. Our personalized approach, combined with our custom sourcing pipeline, saved our client hours upon hours of work and led to a successful hire.

The new hire brings a decade’s worth of experience in analytics including data engineering, business intelligence, and data science. He has a passion for mining data for deep insights and his focus on solving customers’ needs through data-driven solutions will help take our client to the next level.

Arcanium found a candidate that went beyond their expectations!