Case Studies

How an Online Casino Built Two Departments from Scratch

Sylvie Harris

Our client is one of the fastest-growing online crypto casinos in the world. Offering 2400+ feature-rich games, they have achieved 2.9 billion transactions since their inception 6 years ago.

The Problem

Rapid growth required them to build and scale two in-house departments: gaming development and data. Both departments required new leadership.

Game Development Capabilities

In the online casino world, the name of the game is velocity. Our client was developing games in-house and through an outside agency. Outsourcing developers yielded less control, ownership, and speed of execution.

Building an in-house game development team for faster execution required a new Head of Game Development to manage and scale their in-house game development team.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our client’s massive volume of raw data points from its active user base wasn’t fully utilized. In the competitive casino marketplace, they wanted to make informed decisions and gain actionable insights rooted in data to improve their customer experience, customized gaming products, business strategy, and processes.

The optimization of data required an expansion of their small data team into a fully accountable data department built from the ground up. To accomplish this, our client needed to hire a Senior Data Director.

The Solutions

Head of Game Development

Our client’s new Head of Game Development had to be a seasoned, hands-on creative game developer and designer willing to work on existing and new game development while scaling their in-house team and operations.

The candidate had to live in Eastern Europe and be a great cultural fit who would continue to foster a positive team culture, drive gaming improvements, and scale the team. The ideal candidate’s qualifications and Eastern European location presented a unique challenge.

Using proven sourcing methods, Arcanium created a localized, custom pipeline for the role. In one month, we placed an award-winning game developer from Turkey who took ownership of the department. He has since scaled the team with exceptional new hires.

Data Department Buildout

Our client wanted a highly skilled Senior Data Director who had experience in full-stack development to build and run their data department.

In 3 weeks, Arcanium leveraged our data network and found the perfect hire. Their CTO said of the new hire:

We couldn’t believe what he was able to do in his first week on the job. He showed our entire team that he is exactly who we need to take our data department to the next level.

After three weeks on the job, their new Senior Data Director was ready to hire two Senior Data Analysts. In 5 weeks, after screening hundreds of candidates, Arcanium found two perfect candidates who were hired.

Their new three-person team is transforming the way that the company leverages its data. They expect the headcount for this department to grow in 2023, and Arcanium is ready to recruit on demand.

Outcome Summary

With both team buildouts, Arcanium conducted an intake process to gain a deep understanding of our client needs from both a technical and cultural perspective. This enabled us to create custom-sourcing pipelines for each position. Feedback was gathered after every candidate interview and incorporated into sourcing strategies that resulted in presenting qualified candidates at a rapid pace.

They built a strong, in-house game development team ready to bring new products to market. Backed by a new data department, our client is obtaining better business intelligence which plays a significant role in their growth strategy.