Talent Strategy

How Startups Can Use Storytelling to Attract Top Tech Talent

Sylvie Harris

According to the November 2022 “Tech Jobs Report” by CompTIA, a nonprofit association for the technology industry, tech industry companies have maintained a steady pace of hiring.

Tech industry employment increased by 193,900 in 2022, 28% higher than the same period last year. And employer job postings for new tech hiring rebounded in October with nearly 317,000 openings, an increase of more than 10,000 from September.

“The already tight labor market just became even tighter as competition for tech talent reaches near-record levels,” said Tim Herbert, chief research officer at CompTIA. “For any employer relying on the old hiring playbook, it’s time to rethink approaches to recruiting and retention.”

By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce (Forbes). How can you be an employer of choice amongst the generation that will be leading the tech workforce?

When making a job offer decision, Millennials want to understand your company values, purpose, and culture. To help candidates make a true connection, startups will need to adopt a personalized hiring experience.

Storytelling is a powerful way to give job seekers something they can relate to.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” — Seth Godin

Let’s take a look at how you can use storytelling to turn potential candidates into new employees.

A compelling story

As a startup, you probably spend a fair amount of time explaining what you do and what problem you solve to different constituents. Whether you’re pitching to investors, talking to customers, or recruiting future team members, being able to tell your company story is essential.

  • What does your company stand for?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Why is your product or service innovative?
  • What is it like to work at your organization?

Set the stage with your company history

Your company history is a great way to start the interview process. Instead of diving into the candidate’s job history, talk about the path that took your startup from an idea to the company it is today. Your journey of entrepreneurship will inspire candidates and help them feel connected to who you are.

Talk about your values

Millennials are attracted to brands they admire. Be prepared to talk about what excites and motivates your employees beyond making money.

Over 50% of Millennials are attracted to employers because of their values and 56% would consider leaving an employer that didn’t have the values they expected. (PwC)

Describe a “day in the life”

Candidates want real insight into the employee experience that awaits them. Rather than outlining job responsibilities, a “day in the life” story can help candidates understand how great it will feel to work for your organization.

Share your culture

Millennials tend to embrace startup culture. When sharing your company culture, focus to what candidates value. Some examples include:

  • work-life balance achieved through flexible work hours
  • the freedom to work remotely
  • opportunities to learn and grow every day
  • being part of a smaller, supportive team
  • having a voice and being able to contribute new ideas

Candidates want to understand the narrative around your organization. Your history, purpose, values, and culture will make you standout in today’s market.

Storytelling in Recruitment

It is imperative that your recruiter understands the facts behind your company story and can represent your brand authentically.

As a recruiting partner, Arcanium conducts an in-depth alignment process to ensure we deeply understand your core values and culture. We represent your brand by embracing your company story and using a personalized nurture strategy.

Contact us to learn more about our personalized recruiting approach.