Talent Strategy

Recruiting as a Service (RaaS): The Next Big Thing for Growing Your Business

Shivani Raval

Your company is growing, and you need to grow your team along with it. What a great problem to have!

But it’s no secret that good help is hard to find. You want to make sure that the process of recruiting and hiring new talent doesn’t get in the way of your company’s continued growth.

Your HR department is likely already at full capacity. Tasking them with recruiting can mean a loss of productivity on their main responsibilities.

You might instead consider a separate, in-house team for recruiting. This takes the burden off of HR, which is great. But it is also very expensive and time-consuming… not to mention that you still need to hire people for this new team!

Many companies avoid these pitfalls by hiring an agency for their recruiting needs. This is the simplest option, but that simplicity comes at a cost.

Recruiting agencies work on a contingency basis. This means that you pay a significant percentage of a new hire’s annual salary as a lump sum. The percentage varies by the agency but can range from 30% to over 40%!

Enter Arcanium.

We understand growing companies like yours. We’ve taken startups from the idea stage to seven-figure funding rounds and millions in revenue. With our help, many of our clients have been accepted into top-tier startup programs. These include big names like Google Ventures, YCombinator, and Techstars.

We also understand that the contingency model is a tough sell for new and growing businesses. When you’re concerned with managing your cash flow, large bills for recruiting can lead to sticker shock.

Arcanium has responded to these needs with a new take on the recruiting business: Recruiting as a Service (RaaS).

RaaS operates in much the same way as its more familiar counterpart, Software as a Service (SaaS). Rather than paying a lump sum, RaaS uses a monthly subscription fee. This gives you access to Arcanium’s full-service recruiting agency whenever you need it.

No contingency fees. No long-term contracts. Cancel at any time. Simple.

Using RaaS, you can grow your company more easily and at a fraction of the cost. If you want to know whether RaaS is right for your company, here are three key takeaways:

1. RaaS will save you time

  • RaaS offers qualified, pre-screened applicants delivered directly and nurtured throughout.

2. RaaS will save you money

  • Clients save 50–70% compared to traditional agency models.

3. RaaS will grow with you

  • RaaS lets you scale up without sacrificing quality or taking on long-term commitments.

To learn more about Arcanium and how RaaS can help you grow your business, visit our website or email brandon@arcanium.io for more information.